Pneumatic Fitting Joint Features

Pneumatic fitting joint also names the quick connector, quick plug connector. Although the name is different, but as long as the basic three points, you can judge the connector and selection.

  1. Structural form

The so-called structural form is the appearance form of the joint formed in consideration of the direction of the pipe. And the flow distribution, and the connection. For example, T-EPE, Y-EPY, and straight-through EPC are from the appearance of the structure.

  1. Confirm the outer diameter or inner diameter of the trachea

On the basis of confirming the structure form, we need to confirm the external or internal diameter of the cannula. General quick couplings are for rapid tube insertion, so it is necessary to confirm the outer diameter or inner diameter of the tube. For example, the through connector EPU8, both ends are intubated. Confirm the external diameter of the cannula. General trachea metric tube, such as 4 MM 6MM 8MM10MM 12MM 14MM 16MM, There are also some other unusual inch external diameter tracheas.

  1. Confirm thread

For the joints with threads, it is necessary to confirm the thread specifications. And there are many thread specifications. The common ones are R thread (also called PT thread) and G thread, and the most common is R screw thread. Generally 1 / 8 is commonly known as 1, 1 / 4 is commonly referred to as 2, 3 / 4, and 1 / 2 is generally known as 4.

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