In the face of air pneumatic cylinder component selection, many small white will be based on a lot of previous experience to select. The specific algorithm may involve not much, the following for the primary cylinder selection to do a simple introduction.

The selection process describes as:

selection of action mode, according to the load weight calculated cylinder diameter, according to the actual situation to select the stroke, according to the size of the space selection cylinder series, selection of cylinder installation, selection of cylinder induction switch, selection of other accessories cylinder.

  1. Determine the load size, including the total weight of the workpiece, installation accessories, etc.; Select the pressure of the air source, use the formula F = PS, calculate the area, and further calculate the diameter of the cylinder, at this time to use the principle of selecting large and not small, try to choose a larger cylinder. (Because there is also the effect of load rate in practical applications)
  2. After selecting the cylinder bore and stroke, the installation method should consider and the corresponding installation accessories. If there are precision requirements during operation, it is necessary to consider whether to use cylinders with bearings, with slide rails, etc. And if there requires multiple controls, then need to use multi-position cylinders.
  3. If the site temperature is high, you need to consider using high-temperature type cylinders. The high temperature resistance of the cylinder mainly determines by the seal of the cylinder. The seal of the ordinary cylinder is mainly NBR or TPU. The maximum temperature can only reach 70 degrees Celsius. If this temperature is above, you need to choose the seal of the fluorine rubber material.
  4. There is also a problem that is easily overlooked. It is a slight lateral force. The cylinder cannot have lateral force. If there is some slight lateral force, it can be overcome by using joint bearings, floating joints and other connection accessories.
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