About Us

Pneulead, Sino-American cooperation brand.

We have a professional R&D team led by experienced European and US engineers. They will create innovative leading products with unique feature and the most updated technology.

We mainly focus on the ISO products and its derivatives with big range of specifications to meet different customer’s requirement. The enterprise adopted the most advanced technology in mold manufacturing casting, injection molding, encapsulation, metalwork, surface treatment, assembly process flow for perfect quality.

The modern manufacturing base in JiaXing with a full range of pneumatic products produces and established quality supply chain system. Outlets we distributed in major cities around the country would establish an effective bridge of cooperation, will provide professional solution.

Pneumatic technology, the full name “pneumatic transmission and control technology”, is the most effective way to realize the process automation. It contains the advantages of high efficient, clean and safe, low cost and easy to optimize, is widely used in the national economy in various fields.

Pneulead not only provide you the standard products from dynamic system, also can develop personalized products according to the customers’ demand. Our pneumatic components have been widely used in machinery, electronics, textile, automobile manufacturing, packaging, printing, food, medicine, metallurgy, petrochemical and other automation.